//Meta‐Analisis : Gender Dan Depresi Pada Remaja

Meta‐Analisis : Gender Dan Depresi Pada Remaja

Oleh Nefi Darmayanti

The purpose of this meta‐analysis study is to evaluate primary studies that studied gender differences in adolescents depression. Articles collected from popular journal (e.g. journal of research, journal of youth adolescent, American journal of community psychology, journal of adolescence and journal of abnormal child psychology). Twenty three articles were found, but only fourteen articles were relevant. After final evaluation, only twelve articles with fourteen studies could be analyzed. Fourteen (14) studies involving 5206 subjects examined gender differences in adolescents depression. This study was found that there are differences between boys and girls in depression. Girls showed more depression than boys. There are 41.9% sampling errors that caused by sample heterogeneous. This weakness the study. Therefore a further study must be focused more on related to sampling error factors.

Keywords: gender, depression, adolescent, meta‐analysis