//A Pilot Study on Family Friendly Policy in Indonesia

A Pilot Study on Family Friendly Policy in Indonesia

Bagus Riyono1, Diana Setiyawati2, Nurul Hidayati3

Faculty of Psychology Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta

e-mail: cpmh@ugm.ac.id



World Health Organization defines mental health as a state in which an individual feels psychologically content. Pressure at work could cause spillover effect, which is the disruption of one’s personal life due to problems at work. Spillover effect, if not addressed soon, will become worse and spiral into crossover effect that would affect one’s family. On the other hand, a family conflict could also influence work productivity. The existing law in Indonesia today could not solve mental health issues in the workplace. The problem could be seen, from example, in a large number of employment issues and juvenile delinquencies that come from family conflict. Family Friendly Policy (FFP) is a human resource management policy by a company in which employee could balance work and family. This study is the first of five planned steps to understand and design a suitable FFP for Indonesia. The data was collected using multiple case study from four (4) companies with different characteristics: multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises (BUMN), services and manufacturing companies. The results show the companies characteristics influence the implementation of FPP. The application of FPP in manufacturing companies emphasizes more on health insurances and scholarships for their employees’ families, whereas services companies have more flexibility in applying flexible time and work from home policies. Meanwhile, multinational corporations and BUMN in the services sector do not have any difficulties in applying the policy. Some of the FPP policies revealed in this study are; (1) Six months of maternity leave; (2) Employee shuttle to reduce tiredness on the road; (3) Scholarships for employees’ children; (4) Work from home’ (5) Rehire after childbirth; (6) Family-friendly workplace.

Keywords: Family Friendly Policy, Companies